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Firm "vis-a-vis" cars:
Gruzobagazhnye of transportation by the rented car of firm "vis-a-vis":
Transport company "vis-a-vis" specialises on the organisation of transportations under the demand of their manufacturers and owners. transportations are carried out on the basis of granting of pochtovo-baggage cars in rent using. the basic transported cargoes are consumer goods. cargo offered to transportation comprehensively is considered about maintenance of its quality in the course of transportation and conformity to technical requirements of pochtovo-baggage cars.Ну, лишнее это плеер для видео рекламы на отлично.
Also the firm by own strength pays to the ry tariff to a station of destination, makes out documents, submits the car under loading-unloading on own access roads (the item sverdlovsk-passenger).

Delivery of cargoes in modular cars
For clients it is necessary for them to translate a relative small amount of cargo in a direction of nizhnevartovsk new urengoja, firm "vis-a-vis" offers the new service delivery of cargoes in modular cars with passenger speed (see the price).

In sent commodity-luggage cargo should be absent the subjects strictly forbidden to transportation, namely: explosive, igniting spontaneously, inflammable,the poisoning, poisonous, caustic and fetid substances compressed and gases and other cargoes forbidden to transportation, provided by the appendix 33 to article 51 of the charter of the railways.

Load-carrying capacity of a pochtovo-baggage car makes 22 tons.
Volume of a cargo premise (for superficial cargoes) 110-130 cubic metres
If necessary cargo premises of a pochtovo-baggage car during winter time can be heated.
All cars are accompanied by the conductors, by transportation especially valuable cargoes probably presence of protection.

A technical characteristics of pochtovo-baggage cars
The designation of standard sizesOf massabrutto, Internal useful capacity, cubic m.
22-sb47. 120

The designation of the tipo-sizesThe sizes externalThe sizes of luggage premisesThe sizes of a doorway in light, mm
 Of lengthsOf lengths

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 About company

Transport company "vis-a-vis" works in the market of transport services since 1991


Of gruzobagazhnye of transportation by the rented car of firm "vis-a-vis", delivery of cargoes in modular cars

 Delivery of cargo by ry transport in baggage cars (passenger speed)

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