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Delivery of cargo by ry transport in baggage cars (passenger speed)

Dear sirs!
Joint-stock company "vis-a-vis" offers the services
In delivery of your cargo by ry transport
In baggage cars (passenger speed)

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In connection with changes of the ry tariff changes of cost of services are possible.

If 1 cubic metres of your cargo less than 170 kg its cost miscalculates on volume if 1 cubic metre weighs more than 170 kg cost miscalculates on weight.

By transportation oversized (more than 1 cubic metres one place) and heavy (more than 100 kg one place) cargo the quotation increases by 25 %.

Quotations are given without the tax from sales (5 %).

Car loading is carried out on monday at joint-stock company "vis-a-vis" deadlock to the address: -7.

Cargo should be marked and packed according to state that.
Packing should provide safety of cargo along the line.

Contact phone: 70-81-65.

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Transport company "vis-a-vis" works in the market of transport services since 1991


Of gruzobagazhnye of transportation by the rented car of firm "vis-a-vis", delivery of cargoes in modular cars

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Delivery of cargo by ry transport in baggage cars (passenger speed)


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